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Our Leasing process

Tenant Eligibility:

We  use our own proprietary lease screening model to approve qualified tenants. We use a combination of credit score, credit profile, income, asset contingency models, previous rental history, and character. Qualified tenants must earn a minimum of 2.5 Times the rent in monthly income. We do not have a minimum credit score but do consider credit scores when evaluating a person’s overall tenant eligibility. If a tenant(s) does not meet our minimum credit eligibility criteria, we offer a. credit repair program that the tenant(s) can subscribe to in order to qualify for one of our rental properties.


Leasing Philosophy

We pride ourselves on our model that involves the use of Ancient African Spirituality, Per Onkh and Feng Shui design principles, and Modern Financial Framework to attract the types of tenants that align with our community’s commitment to fostering a healthy , safe, and high vibratory environment for all tenants to live in. All tenants must be interviewed and provide documentation to support their application. We also have a Code of Conduct and other lease governing documents that help to guide and manage the entire leasing process from start to finish.