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My Kids and my trade, a sacred bond that transcends time!

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 This is Article 1 of this Series that I’m dedicating to my kids who inspire me to continue doing this great work so that we can influence millions of  people with the sacred philosophies of Per Onkh Home Design.

There has been nothing more gratifying than going along this journey of property development , design, and system management with my children. They have been so inspired by the autonomy and freedom of expression that they have been able to witness as owners of real estate. In a world where there seems to be a glass ceiling to us being able to do the things that bring us joy  using our God given talents, my children get to participate in real time in many decisions that encourage leadership , organization , and communications skills. They participate in the process from the brainstorming vision boards that mommy compiles around the house to the numerous trips back and forth to Home Depot, Lowes, Floor & Decor and countless other hardware stores.  As their mother, I have the unique ability of understanding where their strengths are and  curating a process by which they can further explore and hone that skill set within our business structure. Mateo for instance , has an incredible imagination and has the ability to create amazing artistic pieces whether it be comic book characters, lego structures, and canvas art. I make sure that I utilize his art in my staging process for the rentals. This way he is empowered to appreciate his talents and can see the relationship between his skill set and the end transaction, that being , attracting customers and executing the sale! Samaya, is also superbly creative and has a special knack for  managing or hosting an event ; from the decoration of the space, to the decoration of our outfits, to the warm embrace she gives others,  she loved to ensure that everything is captivating and special. To that end, I ensure that whatever message she wants to portray in the space is reflected by the staging props that she selects. She is very deep ( like her mommy!) and each piece she selects has a sacred meaning that she hopes resonates with the potential tenant that chooses to lease with us!

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