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How Ancient Moorish Designs Inspired the Milan Villas Development

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The inspiration for the Milan Villas at Raintree development is based on Moorish architecture and design. Without being fully aware of the cultural aspects of my divine gift, I  started to put together colorful mosaics , doorway embellishments, and courtyard images on my vision board.  My soul resonated with this theme and although other fellow property investors advised me to keep it simple, I envisioned a community that emanated beauty so that our tenants would come home to an environment that fostered care attention and beauty. I always knew that environments shaped our way of thinking and wanted to ensure that whatever I developed emanated this philosophy.  Whilst living in Europe, my family and I travelled to many cities where we noticed Moorish Statues everywhere. This captured my interest because I knew very little about Moorish history and legacy. As a designer, I was very intrigued by their architectural style, particularly their use of shapes and colors  because I had always resonated with these forms of  design philosophies particularly right after purchasing Milan Villas. Through my  research , travel , and meditation, and  I was able. to validate why I felt such a strong  spiritual pull to these types of designs and thus further incorporated  Moorish design principles  in the development of Milan Villas at Raintree. I now know that my ancestors provided me with these divinely downloaded design ideas to  gifts to assist with the renaissance of African design philosophies  in modern home developments.

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