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Garage Conversion Revenue Stream

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Converting  a Garage into an additional Revenue Stream

A home is a sacred space that honors your accomplishments, nourishes  and protects your wellbeing,  and fosters your legacy. To that end, creating a home that works for your needs is a pivotal step in choosing how to utilize your home for economic enhancement.  Real estate is so innately versatile that it can serve the temporary, future, and present demands of the modern economy.   At the height of the COVID 19 Pandemic, we dared to venture in a relatively risky real estate market and purchased a 3 bedroom  2 bath home and created 2 high yielding rental properties to add to our portfolio simply through creative financing and Strategic renovations.  This was not an entirely simple process to achieve given certain restraints of the market during this time however the lucrative returns and economic function it has served during this very uncertain time period, has far exceeded our Financial Projections .  Having the Garage conversion revenue stream allowed for us to reduce our mortgage payments and provide housing at an affordable price point. This savings was critical in order for us to hedge the exposure of our consulting and rental portfolio revenue reduction as a result of the pandemic. Learn more about the process in detail by subscribing to our monthly newsletter!

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